Brandway is a brand and business consulting platform.


We concentrate our offer on two success critical brand and business tasks:


  • Finding ways to provide you with a superior brand or name solution. At all times.

  • Discovering genuine ways to grow your brand. Beyond conventions.

We’re here for ambitious entrepreneurs, small and medium sized enterprises, family companies, hidden champions and global players, who all share the belief that great brands create value and make all the difference in fulfilling needs, wishes and dreams of people on our little planet.

Providing Brands

Our ways2brands.

When choice really matters.

Providing brands is about variety and making the right choices. Our approach is based on a wide spectrum of and at times even surprising brand sources, rather than merely relying on a prefabricated creative process or a single way of sourcing a brand and name solution.


Making the right choice on a brand or a brand name is of ultimate significance: You decide on a brand or a name only once for the whole life of your business, product or service. And possibly, this will be a decision you are only facing once in your own lifetime. The new brand will be the hallmark of your own personal story, your career and a vibrant facet of your personal achievements and joy. The way to the right brand is a significant act for the future of the brand and for you, the decision maker, but even more important for your audiences who will opt for and identify with your new brand.

Growing Brands

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For seekers of brand growth.


Discovering genuine brand opportunities is a continuous and powerful source of brand growth. The playgrounds to achieve this are manifold – from innovation cultivated within the brand’s current business model to realizing opportunities outside the brand’s home turf.


Translating a brand opportunity into a commercial reality requires a clear commitment from the brand owner, a convincing game plan and dedicated partners to realize the brand’s potential.

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