Brand Creation

Brand Creation

Today’s dynamic markets provide the possibility to broadcast and sell a brand’s offer via web and social media in real time. The opportunities to rapidly build presence and recognition of new brands created from scratch, fueled by innovative business ideas and value propositions have never been so good. The development of a brand embraces a great many facets, however, the source of a powerful brand is always the key insight and idea on which the conclusive brand concept is built.


To us, relevance, attractiveness and distinction are the essential parameters to developing new brand concepts. We find ways to authentic brands and translate them into visual and verbal identities – advancing from appropriate names to claims and brand language, from unique logos, graphics, colors and font systems to characteristic imageries.


The Brandway approach aims to attain convincing creative solutions, not by merely relying on a single ‘multipurpose’ branding firm or design agency. Instead we seek a diversity of creative resources, developing compelling visual and verbal solutions, regardless where they come from. We believe that if communication between creative partners is managed accurately, there are boundless opportunities to develop something genuinely original and new for you.


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