Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy

We regard brand strategy as a long-term approach for how to grow a brand. First of all, the ingredients for a brand strategy consist of a comprehensive but crisp brand definition, including the brand’s reason to exist and its purpose, the offer related to the brand and the types of experiences made at different touchpoints that create the intended perception. A wider sense of brand strategy includes how the brand goes to market and communicates with its audiences.


The development of a brand strategy is influenced by a wealth of factors. For us, it is essential to successfully connect future expectations, customers’ behavior and priorities with the brand’s current equities and the opportunities we have identified for the brand. We understand the brand definition as the brand’s proposition and a basis to formulate a product strategy and an experience strategy, which defines how the brand is experienced, followed by a ‘go to market’ strategy that ultimately translates the brand strategy into a concrete market presence and brand experiences.


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