Brand Opportunity

Brand Opportunity

Initially the ability to seize/recognize/realize promising opportunities for a brand requires generating the relevant insights. The acquired insights need forward-thinking interpretations that genuinely connect with the brand, target audiences and the business models used by the brand. Combining these insights with different frameworks (=perspectives) allows us to produce an array of brand opportunities and eliminate any unexpected and out-of-the-box conclusions.


To us, developing brand opportunities essentially relies on creating scenarios that move along the following lines: positioning opportunities (what the brand will stand for in future), extending opportunities (which options define, structure and grow the brand’s offer) and identifying and assessing partnering opportunities (which partners are required to realize strategic and tactical growth). Brandway supports dealing with these essential strategic brand and business questions in cooperation with appropriate partners.


· Insight Generation

· Positioning Opportunity

· Extension Opportunities

· Partnering Opportunities

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