Brand In-Licensing


In-licensing known brands is the opposite of developing a new brand or stretching your own brand. The in-licensing method provides licensees with the rights to use an existing and well-established brand, building on the brand’s inherent strength, its genuine positioning, attractiveness and, ultimately, on the experience of target groups that are already familiar with the brand.


Brandway explores diverse brand options within the spectrum of a predefined license search profile. We evaluate the brand’s principal fit against a number of key criteria and check whether potential brand candidates’ trademark registrations have already been protected for the relevant products and services in the countries of interest. After initially shortlisting brand candidates, we contact brand owners and find out whether they are generally interested in discussing a brand license. We gain an initial understanding of the basic prerequisites for a brand license cooperation. In further steps, we clarify the commercial, contractual, product and marketing related concepts in line with the licensors’ plans for the brand. We support commercial realization of the in-licensing program in cooperation with the licensee, IP lawyers, product designers and communication firms.


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