Brand Revival

Brand Revival

Trends in lifestyle and fashion are often contemporary quotes and interpretations of styles, designs and values that were characteristic in past periods, such as the twenties, fifties, sixties or seventies. The popularity of utilizing a bit of ‘déjà vu’, related to the style of a certain period and its associated moods, can motivate the reviving of an authentic brand from the past.


Rather than just picking quotes from the past and injecting them into a living brand, that may in fact have a different legacy, a revived brand is an original and can creatively fuse elements of the zeitgeist with today’s ways to communicate. The revival of a brand that hasn’t managed to survive the winds of change, e.g. caused by management failure or that lost its consumer relevance due to lack of product innovations, or became a victim of brand portfolio restructuring, could still be a valid option for an imaginative and enterprising brand seeker.


Nonetheless, a revival requires diligent assessment to find out whether there’s a genuine opportunity for the brand. Quite a few brand revivals have become painful failures after an initial success, because they lacked conceptual relevance or financial stamina for a long-term success.


In the end, the relevant question is whether the former brand is merely a ‘the corpse of a brand’ in the eyes of the beholder or is actually a ‘sleeping beauty brand’. The key challenge is surely to update the brand idea, write a compelling brand story and create a product offer that links to the past through an appealing and contemporary product offer.


For our clients, Brandway traces and seeks potential brand candidates for potential revival. We analyze current ownership, check the quality of the current legal protection of the brand, clarify the remains of the brand’s equities, explore potential space to position the brand in today’s consumer and competitive context and define potential product categories and product features as part of a unique brand experience.


If the preconditions for a revival are promising, we develop a full brand revival concept and support new brand owners to achieve their goals with support by appropriate partners.


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