Brand Naming

Brand Naming

Regardless of the target – for a company, product or service – the development of a new brand name is one of the most exciting and challenging tasks of branding. Besides meeting conceptual requirements, legal and cultural/linguistic aspects need to be considered. A new brand name should not just be ‘free to use’, it rather has to meet all the requirements for a successful trademark registration covering a clearly defined scope of goods and services and allowing the filing of the name in all the trademark registries of all the countries where the products and services are going to be marketed in.


In addition, due to increasing cultural and ethnic sensitivities in many regions of the world, it is an absolute necessity to be very careful with new names. They should not be associated with any cultural or verbal ambiguities, neither literally nor phonetically.


New brand names should not be regarded as the solo artists of branding, rather they are connected to a brand claim – the first statement about a brand – and they often represent the starting point of a whole nomenclature system. Brand name, claim and product nomenclature are therefore the essential pillars of the new brand’s verbal identity. They stress the brand’s positioning, help establish orientation and express the structure of the brand’s products andservices.


All these tasks are supported by a team of verbally creative people, including wordsmiths and copywriters, in cooperation with linguistics experts and experienced patent and trademark lawyers.


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